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Our Family

Family is everything.

"Family is not just an important thing, it's everything. A holiday spent together in a beautiful and peaceful place can strengthen bonds, create unforgettable memories, and nurture the soul."

Jacques Swaters

Get to know our history 

Finca Maria de la Luz is a beautiful estate located in the heart of Andalusia on a rocky mountain.

The property was built and created in the 80s by Jacques Swaters, a successful Belgian entrepreneur, who saw an opportunity in this former fisherman town to live in peace with the people he held dear in his heart. The estate was originally different pieces of land owned by various farmers who were unable to do anything with their land due to the rocky state of the mountain. Jacques then bought the lands one by one and took 20 years to create the oasis the estate is today. It took years to renovate the nowadays villas, which were originally simple animal shelters or little shacks, and it took even more time for all the greenery he planted to flourish; he waited for nature to take its course.

Finca Maria de la Luz in the 80s
Finca Maria de la Luz in the 80s
Casablu in the 80s
La Finquita in the 80s
Jacques Florence Felix and Prune Swaters
Jacques and Florence Swaters
Jacques Swaters
Jacques Florence Felix and Prune Swaters

The family history of three generations is an exciting topic that has been passed down through the years. Jacques Swaters was a successful entrepreneur in the world of Ferrari and after his success, he wanted to create a place outside of time where he could be with his recomposed family. He built this place one stone at a time with his wife, and for the last 30 years of his life spend them there creating magical memories. It is there that Florence and her husband moved shortly after the birth of their son Félix, and it is there that Prune was born. Therefore after he passed away, all we wanted to do was for the villas to live again, we wanted to share the beautiful experience the family enjoyed there for years. So, Florence, with the help of her two children, had the idea to offer our holiday homes for all types of families to create their own memories and from our entire family, it is truly an honour to see these holiday homes live again and to be part of your memories.

Meet the Family

Three generations have called this place home

Our Team

Meet the extended family, the ones who make this beautiful estate a true oasis and the ones who work tirelessly to make our villas into beautiful holiday homes. 

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